Col·laboració amb empreses de diferents sectors

Activa Food Tech works with renowned national and international technology centres.

We believe that any company like ours, specialised in developing individualized nutrition solutions, needs to have access to the support and collaboration of pioneering technological institutions in order to generate synergies and share knowledge and experience.

Main partners

Institute for Research and Technology in Food and Agriculture (IRTA)

Activa Food Tech works with the IRTA, a pioneering research and technological development centre within the food industry whose mission is to facilitate transfer of scientific and technological progress.

AINIA Association (AINIA)

The goal of AINIA is to incentivise innovation and technological development in food and nutrition.

By fostering knowledge and experience exchange between professionals working in the industry and companies, this organisation promotes the development of sustainable technological solutions.

Our cooperation with pioneering centres in the research and development of nutrition and technology solutions helps us maintain our competitiveness and implement solutions that are applicable to our field of work.