Activa Food Tech, S.A.

Activa Food Tech specialises in developing customised nutrition solutions.

We supply nutrition solutions for developing plant- and meat-based products. We implement environment-friendly solutions, we distribute machinery and we advise companies operating in the industry on creating and improving food products.

What makes us different?

Our agility is what makes us different. We have been certified to IFS Food (International Featured Standard), endorsed by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative).

At the same time, we have a proprietary work methodology that enables us to respond effectively to each customer’s specific requests. As a result, we are more competitive and professional.

Customer service

Our human team, our technology, the continuous improvement processes and the will to excel have earned us our customers’ and partners’ satisfaction.

Continuous support

At Activa Food Tech, we build relationships based on trust and constant support of our customers. This means that we work continuously to offer a personalised, quality service to each and every customer.


Production flexibility is one of our strengths. Our management model, based on the quality-flexibility binomial, allows us to focus effort on guaranteeing that these two variables remain intact in all our professional activities.

Customised formulations

Our distinctive feature is that we do not manufacture additives for marketing directly on the market. In other words, we only create the additives that are needed to achieve the result that each customer expects.


We take delivery dates and our customers’ satisfaction very seriously. This means that all orders are handled with the specific goal of guaranteeing maximum delivery speed and quality.


Our mission is to supply advanced, bespoke technological solutions to the food industry, delivering the highest quality guarantees and ensuring our customers’ satisfaction.

In achieving our corporate mission, we formulate, produce and market mixes of functional and technological ingredients and distribute additives, ingredients and machinery produced by internationally respected manufacturers.


Activa Food Tech seeks recognition as a leading company in technological consulting in the field of nutrition and also for its responsiveness in order management.


Our values enable us to focus all our effort on progressing in the direction we have chosen.


In order to offer quality and service excellence, we invest continuously in human and technological resources. It is the path we have chosen to guarantee constant improvement of our products and processes.

Confidence and safety

We comply with all legal and regulatory food safety requirements. Guaranteeing the quality assurance and safety of all the products we design, manufacture and sell is one of the pillars of our activity.

Our management system complies with the highest international food safety standards.

Environmental compliance and sustainability

We are committed to preserving the environment. We consume water and energy responsibly and avoid wasteful use of products. We ensure sustainable management of all the waste we produce to minimise its environmental impact.


Our teamwork and knowledge sharing allow us to develop new solutions aimed at maintaining our customers’ satisfaction.

Our company is committed to a model that favours balance in our employees’ work and family life, creating favourable conditions for a positive work atmosphere.

Professional ethics

We work in a manner that is consistent with our mission, vision and values. In our work, we abide by our principles in every activity we undertake.

Both our mission and vision and our values are manifested and deployed in specific objectives that are regularly appraised and approved by our senior management. We strive to ensure that all the actions we perform are guided by these principles.

Enterprising mindset

Curiosity and our desire to progress help us work perseveringly toward improvement. This outlook allows us to offer innovative, personalised products and solutions.

Customer communication

Our relationship with the customer is grounded on proximity and flexibility. We consider at all times our customers’ present and future needs to guarantee their short- and long-term satisfaction.